Final day in NYC – some pictures


As I’m writing this post I have more or less 29 hours left in this fantastic city. Time has gone by insanely fast, but I’ve been lucky to have been granted with this possibility. Luckily I still get to spend three months in Tokyo this autumn, so you’ll be hearing from me soon!

But let’s take a step back and recap what I’ve done here:

  • Resubmitted an article manuscript (one of the essays in my PhD – great success!)
  • Spent countless of hours on my PhD, and managed to write some twenty pages and revise many sections
  • Networked with people from both academia and industry
  • Collected additional research data (I <3 collecting data 🙂 )
  • Organized a Finnish startup event together with my colleagues from the industry and the Finnish consulate
  • Met fantastic people and got good friends
  • Had fun!

While writing that list I finally realized that the saying ”1 NYC minute equals to seven seconds elsewhere”…or was it the other way? Either way, I have to say I’ve accomplished a lot while being here. And I love it!

With these words my reportage from NYC concludes – hope I’ve managed to inspire at least one scholar to come here. Finally, as if you already weren’t convinced, enjoy these pics from NYC

Beautiful clothes by Parsons Fashion Design students
Toilet art from the Invisible Dog Art Center during the two5six conference
A nice view from a rooftop bar

Joi Ito giving a talk for Design + Technology students


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