West coast hustle


Back in Europe we quite often like to think  of the US as a one single country with a more or less unified mindset. Europe, on the other hand, is seen as a diverse region as we are more familiar with its history. However, the US is equally diverse – if not even more diverse! – as it has been influenced not only by European cultures, but also South American and Asian influence is strong here. Building on this, people have often told me how different New York is from San Francisco, which is why I decided to go to San Francisco for one week to check whether it is any different from NY. 

And it sure was different!

Obligatory vineyard picture
Some chaps accidentally photobombed by Golden Gate Bridge picture!
Palo Alto action picture

Already from the pictures one can see some differences between the two coasts. Furthermore, I believe the physical environment to be closely linked to the mental landscape and this seemed to manifest itself as a certain relaxed atmosphere. But the main point is this: we don’t experience these differences – and learn about them – just by staying in our usual territory. 

So what are you waiting for – go out there and explore the world!


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